Friday, 30 October 2015

Please Do Review "Child Soldier" on Amazon!

I wish to sincerely thank every single person who had already bought a copy of either the Paperback version or the Kindle eBook version.

It is incredibly satisfying to know that one's hard work is finally in the hands of the public. This makes me feel that every minute I had put into it was truly worth it!

I hereby wish to invite those who bought their copies on any of the Amazon sites, or who has an Amazon account, to please take the time and write an honest review.

Each review gives me just that little bit extra visibility and this helps to promote my book. No matter if you thought the book was not to your liking! Honest opinion counts and this is a learning-curve for me which can only help to make the next attempt a better one. 

You are of course also more than welcome to leave any comments, suggestions or criticism here. I can take the punch! lol - I am also happy to announce that the "look inside" feature is now fully functional for the Kindle version.

Remember that the book is directly available from the printers - CreateSpace - an Amazon affiliate in the USA. The site also enables discount codes for larger orders by retailers --> 

Most countries have their own Amazon sites and I suggest a simple search for "Child Soldier - Bosman" on your country's Amazon website.

The direct link for the USA is here --> Paperback and Kindle
The direct link for the UK  is here ---> Paperback and Kindle Amazon UK

Thanks again and keep those Reviews and Star Ratings coming PLEASE...

Best regards,
Herman F. Bosman

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