Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Birth of a Book

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After many months of spilling blood, sweat and tears, I've finally completed my first attempt at writing a novel... (insert big smile here). The only spoiler I will allow for the time-being, is that it is a novel about a Child Soldier.

All that remains now is one final edit and getting the publishing wheels rolling. Hopefully this will be done before Christmas arrives. 

I think it will surprise many to know how much work goes into planning just the publishing side of things, let alone the energy and time which one puts into the actual writing of the book itself. Cover designs, the correct format, ISBN's, trim sizes and margins. The amount of research and prerequisites required are astounding.

My novel will be available in paperback form and could then be ordered directly from print-on-demand company CreateSpace, which is an Amazon subsidiary. The paperback will also be listed on and Amazon Europe.

I also intend to publish it in the eBook version through the Amazon Kindle Store.

As soon as I have all the links available to the paperback and eBook versions, I will make regular updates as things progress. Readable excerpts of the book should be available through the "Look Inside" preview option on Amazon sites.

Of course I am extremely excited about launching and publishing my first manuscript -

So, keep an eye on this blog!

Talk again soon...
Herman F. Bosman


  1. I cannot wait to read it. Proud of you. XX Ali

    1. Yeay! My old friend Ali.. Will keep you posted ;)

  2. Bought a copy myself Hermanus. Hope you are well :)

    1. Awesome! Thank you JasonJason. Feel free to let me know what you think ;)